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more and more, it does not know how much contempt among Crouching dragon master, it seems this trip, to be more careful. ‘Laugh!’ Xiao Yan pondered between
suddenlyNight sky with a few lay bare the wind is sounded, and soon a few piercing figure quickly swept to, when passing through here, paused stature, sharp eyes swept him Xiao Yan. ‘There are those who leave the atmosphere, the need to transport people to take home to review it?’
stature meal several people, including one of the prime Henli looking nose twitched,Coach Outlet Store Online, glowing eyes suddenly fierce Mans look to Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, said.
Xiao Yan’s eyes, but also carefully looked at this appeared four, four are all extremely not breath! ! ‘There were three of fighting reached its peak level,Coach Outlet Online, and that one lead, the strength is more foot statue bucket level, slightly chill breath of wind around in their whole body, so too people can not be underestimated. ↓ Jiuru to deep python family man? ‘
sweeping gaze, suddenly Dayton on these people that particular vertical pupil, Xiao Yan olive eyes squint, mind mid-language channel. ‘That taste to flee to the mountains, and presumably pay a hand with this person.’ ‘
leader of a robe old man hesitated glanced Xiao Yan a, he could sense that the latter is a strong respect for fighting,Coach Handbags Outlet, this time, or do not complicate the issue of good, so shook his head, his eyes turn directly previously that the disappearance of the forest shadows, waved his hand and said: ‘! chase’
saying that, he is the first to move,Coach Outlet Store Online, physique into a shadow, facing the storm swept away in the mountains, then, three whole body intended to kill Han diffuse rapidly to keep up. ↓ jiu offerings python family who also handed down. ‘
Xiao Yan watched these people leave, my heart sneer,Coach Outlet Store, if their strength is weaker today, I am afraid

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Emperor year,Cheap Coach Purses, seems like a completely disappeared overnight, only from some ancient books, the query to some residual information,Coach Outlet Online, & quot; ‘
first heard the secrets behind this continent, Xiao Yan is fretting spirit, and said: ‘That is to say if you put together these ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes, then that is able to get law Hatta Jin Emperor?’
‘vindictive boundless continent, with some strong handed down since ancient ruins, but most of these relics are not perfect,Coach Factory Outlet, but even so, every vestige of hair wizard appears, all will lead to shake the continent.’ Speaking Here, Kaoru children Meimou turned Xiao Yan, said: ‘Its most recent one, is an extremely dilapidated ruins fighting Emperor, that time has attracted numerous strong to go, and dust gentleman medicine,coach purses outlet, also participated in the …’
Xiao Yan brow a machine, he could hear the old drugs occasionally said that the burning was his decision prosperousThe resulting ‘Do not burn that decision is in the ruins of the so-called bucket Timor gained?
‘Tuo homes ancient emperor was able to check on our continent to the last occurrence of a grudge fight the Emperor, he left behind a house in a hidden bucket Emperor nothingness of space, this fight is very well preserved Imperial House,Coach Bags Outlet, I ancient Family and soul of the house, all of which want to enter, and Tuo homes ancient jade emperor, the emperor is the key to fighting the government’s. ‘
(first more letters! 1088th chapter Passion
Kaoru children hear the remark, Xiao Yan face sè is more dignified, and she said as the old drugs,Coach Outlet Store, which the ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes involve things too, fighting the Emperor, the Most High, which piān world title, any This taboo stained slightest relationship stuff, all will therefore worth jumped!
this ancient family is able Qiaochu,

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flash, that is directly in front of black person,Coach Outlet Store, a small fist clenched, then bitter black people play on the TV drama in the past.
seen such a horrible purple research speed, that black people is taken aback and lay mind, quickly mobilize the body surface of the body to form a grudge KennedyVindictive armor, armor? Just forming, purple is the study of a small fist to quickly and, soon, an overwhelming forces of terror tilted down, it looks like a strong grudge armor,Coach Outlet, direct instantaneous burst open,Coach Outlet Store Online, the remnants of the underlying strength, heavy bombardment black people above the chest, the moment, a mouthful of blood mixed with crushed internal organs, is Kuangpen out, stature is falling down from the top branches.
‘mere fighting spirit, even dare Yingjie my fist, hum, seeking death …’ glancing TV drama falling bodies,Coach Outlet Online, purple toes a little research branch, petite body in mid-air flip a prison, then come fall spike steady directed at Xiao Yan hum: ‘This shot,Coach Outlet Store Online, you should kindred’ Blood Lingcao ‘gave me purple research bargain, only to a supercilious Xiao Yan, who is soon turning sunlight McGrady two.
look to see Xiao Yan sunlight, then hastily handed McGrady said: ‘? This gentleman, thank you come to the rescue, I do not know Mr. taboo.’
‘Oh, McGrady mentor, do not hesitate to call me Xiao Yan will be good, speaking,coach purses outlet, we are all of us,’ ‘Xiao Yan with laughs.
‘? insiders’ Heard, McGrady also hesitated just after a moment of surprise and said: ‘? Do you also Canaan Institute of Man’ McGrady
hear these words, the side street is lengleleng Ling, immediately in front of the sun seemingly bizarre young, can strength is unusually horrible black gown youth who sweep the sweep, after a moment, do micro slim LiuYeMei tuft, muttered from the Road: ‘?? Xiao Yan seems a bit familiar

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disappeared in the world, why, this coercion, will again appear in Delicate child’s body?
‘This woman is definitely a great opportunity to meet, resulting in skyrocketing strength seems to have dragged me incredibly, this must go at that ancient demons python, I must rely on its energy pool of blood, the body of the practice to the peak of diamond glass, and, breaking the nine stars statue level ‘ Xiao Yan micro
fist grip ‘These powerful rival rose,cheap jordan shoes, also to get him filled with a feeling of constriction! (To be continued, 1387th eighth chapter siege demons boa [more!]
Kyoho a very steep,Cheap Jordans Outlet, as a sky-python in general, entrenched in the side of a main road,cheap jordan shoes, the mountain into a Unit of black gas constantly filled out, enveloped the sky within a radius of hundreds of meters in this range, there is no evil beasts dared set foot, because there is a part of the territory of ancient demons python!
ancient demons python, is an extremely rare variant Xiongshou really want to play on the seniority, the blood can be considered quite close Yizu among some ancient ancestors like existence, but because of too much killing, leading to its wisdom far compare jiu python this and other ethnic offerings, so the latter is slightly less highly of the former, after all, no matter how powerful strength again, do not own their own wisdom, but that’s just a killing machine fills a big point of strength.
ancient demons python blood, has a very nice clean slate and grown ** of magic, of course, Xiao Yan’s body now, through all kinds of material to treasure grown up, is quite tyrannical, you want to be somewhat upgrade, unusual Keebler is not much effect, even,Cheap Jordans, even the demons blood python, to the effect that he is capable of producing,jordan shoes for sale, and it is not very large, however,cheap jordans for sale, Xiao Yan heart also aware of this,

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nine stars Huang levels were also not far away from the fighting, you can rely on if the normal practice,cheap jordans, want to break, and that certainly will not be short of time, can Xiao Yan, perhaps not so long time. ‘
not Tidan will have only one year’s time, and that he also helped Skyfire Venerable refining the body, according to the old drugs had said,cheap jordans for sale, there are three conditions for refining the body, a raw bone melt blood red, two, seven order of Warcraft essence of blood, three, were fighting strong bones,cheap jordan shoes, the latter two, the ability to Xiao Yan now, and it is not going to get difficult, but raw bones melt blood red, but it is the top seven bands Dan drugs, mixing drugs to his current technique, simply refining it out, unless he can reach levels were fighting ‘Otherwise – if the success rate will be low to a terrible level.
‘little brother, but the old lady for you Well, the day the mountain lake of blood,jordan shoes for sale, although tea magical effect,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but at most only ten personal use, that is, if you arrive in the Tianshan blood pool after that ten people, it can only Under the three-year time looking at the empty blood pool to wait. ” Xiao Yan does not stand to see the old man quickly reminded.
‘Oh?’ Hear this, Xiao Yan is Yi Zheng, immediately smiled and nodded his head, and if so, then he is really afraid to leave early, Tianshan blood pool miraculous effects, be attracted to it away strongCertainly not less, if you go late, maybe it really is only waiting for the next three years. See Xiao Yan nodded, the old man suddenly overjoyed, like taking out a lengthy roll of drawings, in the heart hehe smiles: ‘? They killed a sheep, which is the first of several today.’
for the old man’s mind,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan naturally do not know, but do not bother to care about even know what that map perhaps more

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large hemophagocytic surgery!’ Four Senior
looking grim, a Yin Li’s voice thundered, like thunder resounded through the world in general, and along with it this way Sheng fall within the surrounding little knowledge of, respect for all strength levels lower than fighting the strong, the body in this explosion, assume Yisha fried and open, into a Unit of plasma, a steady stream of infusion into its body being, while at the same time, filled with a sea of ​​blood into the ravine below, also screaming, into the drip days of blood waves, crazy rush within the former body.
And with such a terrible blood is four Senior swallowed,cheap jordans for sale, his breath had motionless, actually appeared fine and went loose,cheap jordan shoes, ‘and then slowly climbed up
‘Xiao Yan, do not rain deity as magic that other waste, you xiaojia everyone’s blood, even with this activate your blood, the deity today have a fixed income.’
sea of ​​blood filled the air,cheap jordan shoes, the sky color, dark and cold voice, with a thrill of horror coercion, in this sky, filled and open! 1361st chapter nine turn sanctification TV drama between
grabbing four Senior skyrocketing breath, Xiao Yan eyes is dignified passing touch of color,jordan shoes for sale, this guy can break the vicious name hehe Plains, it really is with some skill, his breath now,Cheap Jordans, is clearly beyond the ordinary fighting strong peak …… respect, of course, this is not to say that four Senior level has reached the semi-holy, because such a thing is impossible in itself, fighting holy statue peak and a half, although only one step away,cheap jordans for sale, but step, but it is like a remote-day stream, the gap between the two, the terrorist was hard to describe, from which even the old drugs that strong and so powerful are the pinnacle in respect step in fighting for years, just by means of refining the final body power rebirth,

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with the help of Xiao Yan, be once again to keep the quota of five families, Even now with Cao Ying shot, but even XiaoYan not the first, second it is inevitable, and therefore in any case, a foregone conclusion …
Of course,Coach Outlet Store, given the overall situation is set up, able to see the hands of Xiao Yan Cao Ying beaten, the idea is considered an alternative revenge, so after opening Cao Ying, immediately inside the main hall is sounded some echoing sound.
Sheng elders scowled, looking also some frustration, though he knew Cao Ying appearance always looks smiling appearance, but my heart is quite cold, and arrogant, she has come so suddenly crop,Coach Outlet Online, may indeed be somewhat itchy, But more, it is to Shasha Xiao Yan elan.
thought for a moment, turned to Xiao Yan Sheng elders, for such a thing, he was not extremely down resistance,Xiao Yan talent really strong, but if it is able to slightly Cuocuo spirit, it would not be a bad thing. The eyes of the audience who gathered in the Xiao-yan, it is waiting for his decision.
Yun Xiao Yan eyes staring sip tick smiling Cao Ying, after a moment, also smiled and said: ‘Since Miss Cao Ying have been so to say,Coach Outlet Store Online, that if it is not accompanied Xiao Ting play,Coach Outlet Online, it touches did not seem too demeanor point. ”
Xiao Yan hear the remark, the Cao Ying delicate cheeks suddenly showing a touch of enchanting smile touching, Yanzui laughed: ‘Mr. Xiao Yan was certainly talking …’ After saying that,Coach Factory Outlet, 曹颖玉 hand pat desktop, its stature is like a butterfly-like floated out, then falls floating grounds, Meimou steering Xiu, softly:. ‘Xiu Brother, let me play and play.’
Cao body shook his head helplessly, Cao Cao Ying in high status,Coach Factory Outlet, even even the patriarch is a must for her words very seriously, and this trip is solemnly determined Cao team to Cao Ying led her

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ferocious Road.
threat to Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, purple research write a write-mouth, immediately lazy: ‘The fool, that nuclear energy is the magic, indeed hidden in this World of Warcraft into dry skin, but if you use different light outrageous Huozhi grilled, it will only make them energy was gradually evaporate, in the end, this thing, it really becomes a waste
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan palm suddenly a shiver, that is filled with green flames disappear almost instantly
do,Coach Outlet Store Online. Furious and said: ‘How can you say that earlier all?’
‘You did not ask me that he will do it, and now I’m even still fierce.’ Zi research share a booth hands, it is aggrieved Road.
was angry Zheni Zi rolled his eyes,Coach Outlet, after a moment,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan can only sigh, smile: ‘Little Aunt, do not play with me, and quickly talk about how to get it.
stick a stick mouth, purple research reluctant hum: ‘The first drop of that green and red with blood dripping on dry skin,Coach Factory Outlet, then use different fire grill, then you can be forced out of that magic nuclear energy.
‘Are you sure?’ hear even have to use that rare green and red blood, Xiao Yan is also some
hesitated up, cautiously asked.
‘do not believe or leave.’ Xiao Yan for suspicion,Coach Outlet Online, purple research suddenly not happy, curl one’s lip and said: ‘you bake it, the time to put all the energy hidden in one of the roast did not see you going to cry.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan gritted his teeth, immediately said: Well, believe you once. ‘Language down, hand over the pages of its previous appearance is that Yuping care, the flexor a lead, a drop of blood is green and red automatic skimming out – finally – suspended in front of Xiao Yan.
contains amazing looking at the drop of the green and red blood violent energy, Xiao Yan could not help some Routeng Warcraft all these pieces all refining, and the

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most people are still quite resist the snake, so you want to get along with the integration, but also the needs of not less time to just be able to gradually adjust.
this area defense Terran live snake is quite guarded, armed with weapons of snake patrol back and forth constantly, and when they met Medusa figure, these guards suddenly fanatical Dayton head exposed under the body, which is creeping toward the bow.
shuttle all the way through,Coach Outlet Online, after a long while, the two men before a huge courtyard stopped real estate broker Medusa waved automatically open courtyard, which then travels, HsiaoI hesitated a moment, followed.
Xiao Yan footsteps just entered the courtyard, a huge shadow suddenly mixed with fierce winds, bitter feelings of anger hit dependents from sudden attack,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan face slightly changed,Coach Factory Outlet, immediately Lengheng, fists clenched, green flames rapidly gush,Coach Outlet Store, immediately unceremoniously smashed the attack on the TV drama in the past.
breeze muffled explosion in the courtyard into the sky, the dust on the ground, such as blast shook the outfitting of spread out.
blow fight, Xiao Yan shocked shoulders, and that attack people, but it is in mid-air volley rolling laps,Coach Outlet, just crashing landing.
Xiao Yan slowly gaining ground, his eyes a little bit down the freezing cold of that attack people, and soon narrowed eyes suddenly empty sky. Seven hundred and forty seventh chapter four elders
that appear in front of Xiao Yan, is a body quite burly male snake, which looks quite fierce, over the arm, with two black python tattoo,Coach Outlet Online, bare arm when moving, Python looks it is like a living thing in general, permeated with the slightest chill violent gas.
moment the latter, are fierce looking eyes Xiao Yan, vindictive forceful body surface churn endlessly, but its hard

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A gently against Xiao Yan chest, she softly said: ‘This is the year to send The first thing you should have been broken, but later I carefully repaired, even if you have no effect now, but you have to take good care of, or in the future and so I returned Gama empire, you could not get this stuff can not blame me turn. ‘
stared looking at the inside of the chest armor, it is like a flood of memories, scenes flashed in my mind Xiao Yan,Cheap Jordans Outlet, eyes slightly lowered, looking at the moving Meimou Yun tenderness,Cheap Jordans Online, and shoved it in my mind for a while impulse, the latter slightly forcibly hold slim white chin,Coach Outlet Store, and then in the other’s eyes in astonishment, mouths against its mouthwatering lips printed up.
raid Xiao Yan, Yun Yun Woo only able to issue a whispered voice, is being exhaustively block, the former real estate broker in the chest and knocked, but weak and unable to be, without the slightest chewy.
‘nothing, anyway, to leave, then according to this little guy for once’ hearts sigh, Yun Yun slowly closed eyes,cheap jordans for sale, white teeth closed slightly open and close, the other was handed invasion put into it .
cliff at the men and women embraced, the release of his heart and fiery.
in a corner of the cliff, Nalan sweet real estate broker light against walls, eyes looking away embracing sophisticated men and women, after a moment, faint Yi Tan, quietly moved away. Seven hundred and fifth chapter heal
seven hundred and fifth chapter? healed
Yun Yun’s departure. Xiao Yan could not stop, because his mind is also clear, cloud rhyme though its cloud-lan were destroyed did not hold too much hatred,, no matter what may be said that she is cloud-lan were sovereign,Coach Outlet, cloud lan destruction impossible not leave a grudge in their hearts pimple, she may also want to stay at their side to make a little Xiao