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and said: ‘? how the ” something in there … call me. ‘Zi research attention, the moment is somewhat at a loss and blurred, the feeling, from her blood. 1220th chapters dragon fruit origin Phoenix Zi research
hear the remark, Xiao Yan and his party were all surprised a moment, the sun looked down at her meaning, but still only saw endless rolling forests, has not the slightest other abnormal.
Xiao Yan pondered cheeky color,Coach Outlet Store, purple research unlikely to suddenly have this feeling, the latter being a Pacific imaginary dragon, that mysterious presence, etc., not to mention that he probably was not even old drugs are extremely understanding As for the mysterious purple research said call, or punish her, only one person can perceive. ‘How to do? This piece of ancient forest beast roar more intensive, it seems to attract a considerable number of the strong over.’. ‘Looking at the small medical cents Xiao Yan, said.
Xiao Yan frowned, looked at the side of the eyes have been locked deep purple forest research,Coach Outlet Store Online, and finally nodded fiercely after a moment, Chen Sheng said: ‘go and see, naturally into the Baoshan, natural to experience about the real treasure, a treasure hunt other people can no deterrent Slam,Coach Outlet, you want to go inside smoothly is not easy,Coach Outlet Online, we still enough time. ‘
saw Xiao Yan nodded, little research has been breathed purple hint of a smile on his face also surfaced, toes a little ground, the body is to take the lead against Shanlue away deep in the forest, seeing this, quickly followed with Hsiao go far on. Warcraft atmosphere inside the forest after
lakes, compared to the outside,Coach Outlet Store, no doubt to appear more aggressive, and even a few of which have shares of breath,Coach Outlet Store Online, even Lian Lu Hsiao go far people are dignified color, though, that research has purple dragon Viagra deter those who

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he had seen several of the strength andHe was almost the same for hundreds of people besieged the strong, and made the final fight these weekdays lofty respect for the strong, but also the only panic and flee.
direct Zhentui foot statue that were a star, Xiao Yan hand over the pages, once again recovered sodium ring Genju feet, hands shook slightly, a kind of numb feeling faint, my heart could not help but respect for the man’s a star strength surprised these years, he take a lot of material to treasure, causing abnormal physical force tyrannical,Coach Outlet Online, although can not be compared with purple research, but at the same rank among its forces looking for a similar strong who fear is somewhat difficult.
Zhentui this highway tiger, Xiao Yan quickly turned crimson sun lies at the reel, this thing is extremely agile, in many of the strong forces, still spared most of joy,Coach Outlet Store, until now, have never been able to truly be someone Xie to the touch, but because some people rely on it too long, was another strong joint injuries.
see this scene,Cheap Coach, Xiao Yan Meng Yi Duo void feet again into a purple-brown dragon, facing away Shanlue reel, some roadblocks along the way at the person directly by his life and Zhuangfei Western Cape, and in his In this outrageous act, almost between several blink, broke into the reel is the nearest place. ‘Boy,Coach Outlet Online, you killed!’
saw Xiao Yan broke reel in deep crimson twenty feet away, surrounded by those blood red eyes suddenly shouted issued a strong voice thundered,Coach Outlet Store Online, the powerful storm surge out of vindictiveness, immediately overwhelming front of Xiao Yan detonation away , with the shot that nearly one hundred strong, that momentum, it is an extremely spectacular.
such a massive grudge boom years, even Xiao Yan is looking slightly changed,Coach Outlet Store Online, but he has not turned around,

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point where, then stick to stereotypes,coach purses outlet, and probably only be the kiss of death – ‘
see this leaf weight and did not find any words of shirk,Coach Bags Outlet, Xiao Yan This gently nodded.
leaf lies told to clean up the hall after the tribe, is personally led Xiao Yan, a pedestrian, facing deep leaves home to go to, after approximately ten minutes, a very remote gravel square in front of the central plaza in that has a slightly old altar looks, build rock altar used,Coach Factory Outlet, are covered with traces of the years, it is clear that the presence of the altar time, quite long.
Xiao Yan approached the altar, it is found that there are exceptionally bright light, and increasingly close to the altar, the energy around the world is increasingly between the hot and pure, like a road like a real beam poured down from the sky, Finally, after reflection smooth stone walls, give the gathering at the altar at the center of a dark stone.
‘under the stone, is a leading deep underground to the eye, stone Zan shift will have some geocentric sprang flames ignited gathered here in the sun, so as to form – a yang fire, of course, this is just The previous case & quot; ‘looked at the ancient altar,Coach Outlet Store Online, leaves heavy sigh a sigh, smile.
‘how is it?’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan Wei Zhou brow.
‘As early as a few years ago,Coach Outlet Online, that is rarely the flames along the center of the earth to the eye out of the use of other flame, but it is not igniting the sun, the formation of the male fire & quot;.’ leaf weight softly.
Xiao Yan nodded, his trip down what the sun is not going to the aid of fire, just want the world by means of pure energy here repression small medical cents woe poison body strike.
‘small medical cents, into the altar now & quot;.’ Xiao Yan tilted his head, in front of a small medical Immortality.
Heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, small

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in general ,coach bags outlet sale, the overwhelming front of Xiao Yan body hit away!
energy among these, do not know is that the ancient demons python into something,Coach Bags On Sale, has a strong corrosive power when a contact to Xiao Yan skin is white smoke erupted, causing that terrible pain.
‘Sri Lanka’
under this and other pain, Xiao Yan heart fiercely inhaled breath, and fingerprints for a change, since the body is different fire storm surge out into a circle of fire cover, which enveloped into.
‘I will not believe it, even your body can get rid of, you also can not solve these demons blood pool.’
‘chi chi!’
a different fire now ‘Those violent storm surge of energy comes, suddenly burst into Chi Chi sound, immediately kind of corrosion energy, direct cross-fire is being evaporated away, and the rest of those energies, after different fire grown up, this gradually become docile, into a plume of abnormal polishedEnergy integration among Xiao Yan body.
‘Whew,Coach Outlet Online!’
feeling kind of get a little cool up energy, Xiao Yan sigh of relief, just different fire refining out those harmful corrosive energy for him, the rest of Xiao Yan useful energy, it is After refinement,Coach Outlet Store Online, give perfusion in vivo.
which shares accompanied by a steady stream of cool rush of pure energy into the body, Xiao Yan is able to clearly feel the energy, free in the skin, muscles and bones among each of these energies disappear all will feel let 萧炎清 Chu, the extent of tough body, but also in with a slow speed, become more and more powerful.
‘Here indeed is a perfect place to practice!’
detect subtle changes in the body, Xiao Yan could not help but heart is swarmed an hi Italy,Coach Outlet Online, according to this schedule, I am afraid that he really is able to use the energy here,Coach Outlet Store Online, the diamond glass body practice to the peak, and will direct breakthrough eight weeks

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body’ Today this area, should be regarded as its territory ‘, the two hiding in After a piece of rock,Coach Bags Outlet, looking away those floating in the mist of energy among the energy body ‘Kaoru children softly open road.
Xiao Yan nodded and said: ‘There are other people around can breath exist ‘?
‘no’ to my two ‘,Cheap Coach Purses, Kaoru children laughed.
Heard ‘Xiao Yan is like a sigh of relief, ‘smiled:That being the case, we quietly sneak into the bar ‘limited perception of the scope of the energy body, in my two strength’ or disturb the energy body into them, should not be difficult. ”
‘ah. ‘, Kaoru child car slight nod.
seeing this, Xiao Yan is a smile ‘stature shocked’ emerged out of a blur ‘and its stature’ is a fast boat disappear ‘ Xiao-Yan Qiao
leave ‘Kaoru children beside space is slightly distorted’ and in between this and other distortions,Coach Outlet Store Online, which is slowly illusory Jiaoqu up.
two hunchback breeze ‘silent mist swept into power among the’ play along with minor fluctuations,Coach Outlet Store Online, hovering around a little as though those who feel the energy body ‘, but not high IQ’ is only so get them Dai Li place ‘after looked around, but also a kind of wandering reply gesture.
breeze quickly got into this area, approximately ten minutes after ‘is finally in position in the heart of this area’ into two figure emerged out.
‘to’,Coach Outlet Online, ‘,
body emerged to ‘Xiao Yan eyes look to the front, there is a piece of land as many rocks, one of the most over huge boulders that’ with a figure dressed in black armor sitting cross-legged, a surge of heavy and steady Since the body and breath filled the open,Coach Outlet Store Online, under heijia ‘a pair of empty eyes indifferent’ but if look closely, it is possible to find that this channel energy body ‘than before the two met Xiao Yan’ want a little more clever atmosphere.
‘Jiuxing energy body ‘,’, 

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place,Coach Outlet Online.’
seeing, Skyfire Venerable this proud smile,Coach Outlet Store Online, reached out to take over the copper, on the palm of the hand – and then diagonally toward the lights,Coach Outlet Online, facing 萧炎扬 the Young, said: ‘? What can find it.’
Xiao Yan eyes staring carefully copper in reflective lights, he can only see those curved shilly as earthworm-like patina, the moment is helplessly shook his head and said: ‘Mr. Yao,You should not guessing. ”
‘True – impatient …’
Skyfire Venerable shook his head, and soon two fingers and song, a wisp of a grudge at your fingertips rapid condensation into a tiny needle grudge, then he holds a grudge root cohesion extreme needle, carefully Xiecha copper into those green patina on the surface. ‘ In the days of the fire Venerable
this carefully provocation, who sailed peeling green patina start, then give all fall on the desktop. Xiao Yan aside and looked at his small medical cents so move, looked at each other one, simply shot the lights head fog.
for two dazed,Coach Factory Outlet, Skyfire Venerable also never bother spending nearly half an hour later, just those green patina on copper down exhaustively removed, while in Xiao Yan thought he was going to unlock the two copper When the mystery of His Holiness Skyfire is stunned at the two eyes, to throw random will fly to copper. ‘This -r’ Xiao Yan mouth twitching
looking Skyfire Venerable this move, it is a bit do not understand what he actually is playing.
‘Well, you two ah, the strength is good,Coach Outlet Online, but experience, but bad points …’ Skyfire Venerable looked up and saw that the two men face, could not help but shook his head helplessly, then palm slightly bent, a Shares suction broke out, those green patina on the desktop give all inhaled palm, and then condensed into a thumb-sized green copper ball.
‘? The real secret,Coach Outlet Store, not that the copper,

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Yan on.
bombers were fighting in the holy puppet, Xiao Yan Yuan body that huge body suddenly mounted the pedal backwards ten steps, at its shoulders, and even depression are the one,Tiffany Outlet, but the good news cast a diamond glass behind his body Yuan Jian Yuan body extremely hard, plus clothing and insect imperial dragon phoenix existence of ancient armor, this was never beat bombers vomiting inverted.
‘continue to attack its head! to get rid of it!’
puppet bombers were fighting holy retreat, Xiao Yan Chen Sheng shouted again, the former head of cracks on more and more, regardless of exactly how this guy’s anti-war capacity, but still can not truly comparable half saint.
‘big Perishable means’
Kaoru children and old Qingyang simultaneously shot, dignified face, fingerprints rapid changes, two enormous energy fingers, with an atmosphere of quiescence, suddenly piercing down, severely by lightning last fight holy unto puppet head.
‘big Perishable means’ Following the children smoked
in Qingyang and ancient, ancient China,Tiffany & Co Outlet, ancient punishment duo is cast out of his face pale with this powerful strong day order fighting skills, two fingers slightly dark energy is immediately emerge.
‘Boom!’ On
sky, color Thunder also in this Yisha converging wave, heavy Hongxiang that half of St. puppet; puppets,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, it is the color scales attacks.
almost all are very understanding Yisha moment shot,Tiffany Outlet, a road of terror attacks,Tiffany & Co Outlet, almost at the same moment, all fell on top of the half St. puppet’s head, facing fierce offensive so that half St. puppet body 囦 body is suddenly shocked,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, immediately, that this was a Road Xiao Yan smacked his head cracks like watermelon generally falling on the ground, bang, suddenly burst 囦 bombing is open.
(with the second! Continue yard third more !!) thirteenth

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once born, all will motivate the world vision, within this month, we should gradually be induced, when they know that the old lady said is true,’ the old man smiling Baoshan Road: ‘Intelligence has been given to us,Tiffany Outlet, this time space fairs,Also a successful conclusion, I thank you once again to join the. ‘
main hall, the atmosphere is quiet for a while,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but also someone got up one after another, and then facing the inside of the hall exit.
‘We also go, Bodhi trees really odd thing, there is a chance, we have to go take a look.’ Fair to see San Xi, the old drugs is softly, this is a great opportunity,Tiffany Outlet, ‘If Bodhicitta can be the case, then the bucket St. Xiao Yan Jin road will become very clear is that, in that case, stars fell Court is the strong will be a holy struggle,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, to fight with the soul of the house if the time is capable of some more grasp.
‘But before that,’ it is necessary first to get their hands ancient map ‘old drugs faint smile, a slight migraine, that the success of the previous shot buy ancient map that skinny man in black, at the moment is turned away, looking He’s back on the old drugs across the face also has a sneer.
old drugs is up, then went straight to the front of the line outside the hall, then,Tiffany Outlet Online, Xiao Yan trio also quickly catch up. ‘They know that fear is ultimately followed a fierce battle.
fair was over, the old drugs alone, missing for a while first, ‘and then is quickly returned directly with Xiao Yan is three out of this space, and then facing the northwest skimming out, and finally through the desert, In the top of a steep mountain stopped stature.
‘Here is an indispensable part of their land to the three Laomo temper,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, even pregnant treasures, it certainly will not detour’ medicine old eyes looking away, faint Road.
‘Teacher, what is

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and then wooden floating into the sky, floating in front of the old drug falls automatically open,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, overflow between golden shot, revealing that its like a baby inside golden fruit.
‘is indeed the soul of infants and fruit,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also the best quality fruit infant soul gold products. ‘See this golden fruit’ around the old medicine is anyone ‘eyes could not help but touch surface is a surprise of color.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded ‘soul has two levels of infant fruit,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, fruit called silver and gold products soul infant infants and fruit products soul’ former little time, which is the most potent,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and Xiao Yan in the ancient forests that are looking to soul infant fruit, then it is the latter.
‘With this golden soul infants and fruit products, presumably those of the origin of the soul of your loss of gas, it should be is to be able to completely compensate. ‘Venerable wind stroking his beard, laughed.
‘teacher today it will retreat, for as soon as the origin of the gas to make up for the soul, as the body is able to start refining ……,’ ‘Xiao Yan Road.
medicine old smile and nod, ‘looked at the Xiao Yan suddenly whispered: ‘little guy’ there like your father? ‘ When
hear these words suddenly talking about the old medicine, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng,Tiffany & Co Outlet, immediately silent, lips pinched, eyes with a touch of deep guilt, Xiao war is his father personally,Tiffany Outlet, bones among bleed the same blood ‘childhood The latter sorts of pet him, even in the weakest of his life, the kind of pet is still no reason for any surface discoloration, because ‘they are father and son.
simple word, but it is the kind of thing are unable to erase any blood contact.
calculate the time ‘father fell into the hands of time soul of the house, in fact, longer than the old drugs, the year when he was captured, Xiao Yan

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there is my antidote glacial valley, otherwise, within one month, the body of the residual gas Xuanbing,Coach Outlet, will Everything in your body vitality exhaustively freeze ‘the air above the old man of that name, indifferent eyes looked at the small medical cents hole,coach purses outlet, said:’!. with my back to the Ice Valley,Cheap Coach Purses, is your only way out. ‘
hole at the mountain, gray and purple eyes that for a small medical cents without the slightest emotion, glanced at the old man, appeared on the pale cheeks a touch of sarcasm, cold voice, with the promise of some chill over the mountain echoed: ‘ Before the freeze life, I will destroy this body count them, will not give you leave any thing glacial valley! ‘
hear the remark, that the name of the old man in the eyes of the sky suddenly Hanmang Baoshe, slowly: ‘You’re cut off his only way out …’ voice down, he also did not want to delay what seems to surge Amazing cold, gradually storm surge out from the body. ‘If you do not like to go way out,Coach Bags Outlet, then it will be you personally shot by the wife Qin Hui glacial valley 0 bar ■’
with pronunciation of the last fall, the space in front of the white man that while twisting, soon filled the cold room, a dense picks emerge out of thin air. ‘Chichi Chi!
Xiupao Qing Hui old man, in front of Shao – countless picks sudden burst of violent shaking, jeer heard, is the overwhelming Pushe that dense range, directly within feet of the cave is located,Coach Outlet Online, give all won!
looked torn from the storm swept air picks, small medical cents also Daimeiweizhou, and now she was seriously injured,Coach Outlet Store Online, it simply can not be a rival ice yuan, and more, at around that mountain, there is a The two were strong fighting chance if the two men out of hand, I’m afraid this is not even escape she really did not. ‘Even really dead, it certainly does