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mind struggled for a moment, eyes finally passing day fee ruthless touch of color, this XiaoYan storms North Tower fame made him a great loss today, nothing can be said of the miss.
day with hearts fees made up his mind, an abnormal majestic terrible momentum, since the body is slowly waking up into the sky, at which shares a terrible momentum of traction,Tiffany And Co Outlet, the layers of clouds that distant horizon, is bang Long resounded through the sky,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, which Yinmang flashes,Tiffany Outlet, thunder bursts!
see this scene, Xiao Yan eyes is slightly sank, he’d never have thought that this old guy would rather drop a bad reputation,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also to insist on their own shot. & Quot;
‘Xiao Yan, Run!’
field, Yan Lin hastily shouted, strength fee days it is greater than the terror, even Xiao Yan Jin into a bucket cases, but the gap between its still difficult to measure, the two fight, Xiao Yan did almost no chance of survival .
Xiao Yan slowly shook his head at the moment is at Thunder Mountain, here is the wind and thunder Court headquarters, you want to escape easier said than done, go, just have a cheap – life, and. & Quot;
Xiao Yan’s eyes,Tiffany Outlet, a slight distance, the last meal in the top of the seats that one qingpao,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, extraordinarily free and easy to wind the body count those, who, whether as teacher said, it can be regarded as trustworthy person ?
under a large crowd, Xiao Yan naturally not quote the old name of the drug, the moment took a deep breath, Baoquan Chen Sheng said: ‘! Wind Venerable, kid like you see a thing.’ Xiao Yan suddenly saw
Buddist on to himself, but also wind Venerable Yi Zheng, immediately smiled and said: ‘? the little guy, this is your thing and wind and thunder Court, the relationship with the deity does not seem right,’ he and Xiao Yan Su did not know, is not a natural meeting

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you!’ Hin Blue is in the heart of a sigh of relief, Xiao Yan looked Meimou, some joy Road.
Xiao Yan waved, said: ‘Since you promised, at least in my commitment before unfinished Well, I’ll patrol leaves home ……,
‘Mr. Xiao Yan, your kindness leaves home, leaves home for all Serbs will never forget,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, and if there is any place after r穫 need Xia Ye want me home, please feel free to open, even if some things do not, but I leaves home , and for the effort certainly will! ‘Ye heavy solemnly bowed front of Xiao Yan Baoquan, abnormal seriously said.
‘Ye Elders heavy line so do not be re-gift, but when I can not afford.’ Xiao Yan slightly sideways, smiled and said.
seeing, leaf weight is smile, immediately looked at the CAO, who disappeared a single place, but it is a little color in the eyes of some concerns, exclaimed: ‘From Cao single previous discourse, I think, I am afraid that Cao Vamp should be back. ‘
‘Vamp?’ Wen Yan,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan brow lift, some doubts.
saw Xiao Yan was puzzled look,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, leaf weight smile a cry, and said: ‘Mr. Cao Xiao Yan feel alone how?’
‘while not how, but it does have single-handedly control the fire down,Tiffany And Co Outlet, and can reach seven refining pharmacist at such a level of age, talent indeed called Wizards of the word’ Xiao Yan muses, although this single Cao proud,Tiffany Outlet Store, ability may indeed not weak.
‘But Cao Cao Na Yaonv alone in front,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but it is simply not afford the slightest mention of arrogance’ leaf weight softly, discourse exceptionally bitter, if he leaves home can Chuzhe Deng figures also do not need to worry strong ah, this Vamp, simply by virtue of a person that can,嚜澠s support from a family of horror roles.
‘Oh?’ Xiao Yan eyes passing touch is surprised that Cao, actually there is this other characters?
‘Na Yaonv whose real name is Cao Ying, her life is

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body slammed into nothingness … above
cool and bright cloudless sky,Tiffany & Co Outlet, a streamer storm swept out, with winds between faint thunder came from the inside.
‘fee that day momentum has gradually disappeared, presumably to chase four volumes reel should be, that on something really fishy’ full flyby words -, Xiao Yan eyes glanced at the rear, light relief,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, although throwing reel off quite a pity, but fortunately he has all of the above in mind in the minds.
‘. & amp ;, indeed his breath away towards the other direction,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, it seems is to get rid of him..’ small lu + -1 Skyfire Venerable voice had just fallen, the sound becomes a fierce, powerful surge soon soul force storm surge out from the white ring being satisfied, severely impact upon a void in front.
‘howl ■!’
soul force hit the nothingness of space, space suddenly surge into the sky, the space between immediately distorted body above a faint Leiguang circulation figure,Tiffany & Co Outlet, slowly emerging, consternation, that the fee days! Upon seeing this,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan face is suddenly changed, instant stature Baotui, he can not think of any case, this old guy, how could still chase?
‘said the old folder, you can not escape my palm -‘
fee day cold eyes looked at Xiao soot, slowly said.
Xiao Yan slightly clenched fist, sneered:. ‘It seems that you do not want mine Disillusionment thousand reels, ah ”
heard, day fee is smile, smile, has promised some sarcasm, said:. ‘reel will be back, you, not escape.’
‘No, this guy is a lot weaker flavor, with far more than previously, and now he, at most,Tiffany Outlet Store, only a six star cases it!’ Skyfire Venerable soul sudden, looked across his brow wrinkled Fees day, Chen Sheng said.
do an emblem eye pupil contraction, Xiao Yan heart Move, suddenly lostSaid: ‘? Disillusionment thousand Lei charges that he

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old snake waved casual, leaning snake Shui, is sailed on the stream coming from God to go to the north, between faint, with a hint of laughter, came slowly.
‘the old lady on the fast growing group of people actually curious, not only difficult to close Nahe female poison,Tiffany Outlet Online, but more is still to this day nothing scorpion Drake kill, Oh, yes ……’
in its wake,Tiffany Outlet, that three old man looked at each other one, soon secretly sneer Hey, can arouse the interest of the old so that was a snake, I really do not know is that a few guys, unfortunately, still honored?
‘glacial valley offend people,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, can have no good end, ah,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, a few sad guy ……’ 1050th chapters refining body
quiet little valley, with a fiery blast wandering among those smog in the air so that was constantly blur the appearance – ‘valley of party rock, sit cross-legged on a figure,Tiffany Outlet, in the presence of air at a huge crimson drug suspension tripod stand,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, tripod drugs among aquamarine flame burning, and that hot air waves, it is filled out from here …
hundred meters beyond the boulder, standing a few shadows, their eyes are all set at the top of that drug condensate tripod.
‘already the sixth day of the …’
Hin Blue silhouette looked attentively on boulders sigh of relief, said.
‘seven items refining immortality is not easy, we naturally have to spend a lot of time, -‘ small medical cents down did not feel any accident, softly: ‘And I watch the drug Ding Tange getting rich, presumably from a Dan should also not far away. ‘
Heard, Hin Blue also nodded, Gang Yu speak, not far from that drug tripod, but it is suddenly a Hao burst of ‘buzz’ sound, undulator out, finally echoed in the valley, ‘how the ? ‘is such a turn of events so that was a small medical cents testis were surprised, hurried eyes cast away.
after drug tripod

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like quickly moved away,Tiffany Outlet, immediately looked at the huge pit suck down a cold lump.
heavy clouds on the sky, in the most tyrannical Wan Road after grazing silver mine, is gradually stopped rolling, then quickly became thin up a dynasty in Cambodia since penetrate clouds out into numerous spots, illuminated within just experienced 丹雷 devastated 焚炎 Valley.
sun poured down, but also the rapid expulsion of the valley dull count them previously so popular that the Mines panic-stricken, is thus rapidly dissipated away.
see 丹雷 dispersed,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the presence of all everyone is relieved, immediately look spontaneously toward a road that huge dark square – the pit,Tiffany Outlet, looked at each other,Tiffany And Co Outlet, both channels carry so much thunder, do not be in this Finally, under a failure?
‘rock owl little friends, okay?’
Tang Zhen also for 丹雷 last outbreak that scared a little, looked at the bottom of the pit, and then turned to Xiao Yan,
Xiao Yan’s face, still pale as a sheet, he waved his hand, laughing quite seem feebly: ‘Don Guzhu ease & quot;.’ After saying that, his fingerprints changed, and soon a muffled voice sounded since the pit, a silver silhouette storm swept into the sky, then fell steadily stone platform.
Xiao Yan’s eyes quickly puppet who bets on the ground in front of the demon,Tiffany Outlet Store, after this time 丹雷 baptism, the latter on the kind of bright silver body is extraordinarily pure,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, from afar, like a silver Birds Generally, arouses great attention.
palms on the ground and squeezed the demon puppet body, as if to touch the ice cool metal in general, giving a sense of abnormal tough, but so too Xiao Yan slightly disappointed that he did not seem to land from the current table demon puppet body, see a little gold.
demon puppet divided into three levels, Heaven, Earth, can be distinguished

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Yan glanced at her,Tiffany Outlet, did not care, look at the pedestrians who swept them, but also could not help but slightly wrinkled brow, this pedestrian, not only in the Court of thunder storms with His Holiness, there is a day in that the two silver on earth tiger and wolf clan patriarch seen on top of the hill,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, this duo is genuine respect for two stars.
and in addition to these two, as well as white-haired man who wore a black robe and an old man, Xiao Yan has seen the former, as the latter’d just discovered, but the old man is not obvious strength is very weak, That subtle flavor than other people do not want to come if, this calculation is not the case, they just pedestrians, is fighting with full respect for rank five other strong,Tiffany & Co Outlet, this and other lineup,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, called a terrorist. ‘Five bucket respect.’. ‘
Xiao Yan fingers gently rub a little paint, calculated,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, pretty relieved, this lineup does not weak, but they are here, plus puppet demon days and just got that ten puppet figure, enough to withstand six bucket respect, although there are many other cases in the peak of the strong fight, but nothing too heavy weights. ‘Small tan skin tone touches a lot, you want to grab something, I first had this off!’ Bear grinning battle cry, and soon his back while roaring, the rapid expansion of the body and shoved up suddenly into the foot is ten meters tall giant, aggressive atmosphere, suddenly filled and open, so that was some strong face slightly changed under the bucket statue.
‘turned out to be ancient dragon bears, relied on one o’clock Dragon blood,Tiffany Outlet, but also dare to cross here, overconfident!’ white-haired man glanced at the touch of a huge bear stature war, sneered. ‘That’s it so,’
sound cold of fall, a small medical cents and Skyfire Venerable opt to take the step, now in addition

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for the strong fight, really horrible.’ ‘
rough fight, Xiao Yan is exactly understand this stardom old devil’s strength, the moment my heart dignified wine, today you want to successfully get out, I’m afraid no imagination is so easy ah.
‘nine stars were able to take over the old lady’s attack strength, have to say, you really are an alien,’ ‘Notting Laogui Xiao Yan looked dignified look, smiled, and the body is suddenly slow forward, like a beast about to eat.
‘But the old lady that I was not the time to accompany you Hao Zhao, after that you will solve, have put out those annoying guys to clean up.’ ‘Reaching for the Stars Laogui laughed, gently depress the pace out of space motility,Tiffany Outlet, its body shape is instantly disappear.
stardom old devil disappeared in that Yi Sha, Xiao Yan is aware, a withered hand, floating since its nothingness of space at the side of the ripped out,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, and then a pinch over into his throat, This dry hands, seemingly without any grudge coverage, but the palms are off, the space is set aside direct a dark space marks. Xiao Yan somber, urgent pace, hands heavy foot is almost instantaneous bitter split in the past. ‘Yanfenshilang!’
heart thundered loudly enough to have more than ten feet large scale Mount,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, suddenly self-foot storm swept out of the top, then cut the heavy favorite in the bird dry hands, but seemingly ferocious winds, but it is only so that was The latter paused,Tiffany Outlet Online, followed by another speed, flash it out now under the front of Xiao Yan, floating in front of his chest to beat.
this beat to the fast, even when the speed with Xiao Yan, the power is no escape ‘critical juncture,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, heavy foot pricked, that is, before the cross and the body.’ clang! ‘Withered hand gently on top of heavy foot falls, a crisp ping sound,Tiffany And Co Outlet, suddenly rangThe sky!

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and then spending a little Yinchui its Gang Yu, a voice sounded awkward.
‘3,Tiffany Outlet Online Store.1 million.’
unexpected outcry sound, so that was a lot of startled everyone is down, eyes immediately looked down the sound, the moment is the emergence of some promise in the eyes of all stunned,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, how this guy will bid to compete with the mysterious refining pharmacist? Xiao Yan eyes outcry when it appeared sound, his brow is wrinkled up, along the line of sight looked, suddenly – stunned, top face, the emergence of a strange color, not for the other, because that bid person, not others, actually it his brother, Xiao Li.
cents and purple cell research but also because of runoff and lengleleng misfortune,Tiffany & Co Outlet, soon the two are somewhat smile, did not think the two brothers will compete to a go …
consternation in the eyes of a Road Shao Shao Xiao Li stood up on lengli face is covered with frustration and smile, he also knows that,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, at the moment the bid is obvious that the mystery and refining pharmacists go through,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but this tape method fight Technology is obviously very weak, although he is not good ruler France, but he was intended for his third brother,Tiffany Outlet, he knows that he is a two-edged weapon that the third brother, big ruler, if luck falls on his hand fighting skillsOn, certainly make up a lot of its strength, so after he hesitated again, and finally could not resist the call for price ,, …. Xiao Li
side, the Soviet Union thousands of color is a look of frustration, he knew Xiao Xiao Yan Li bid for the sake of, but this way, they can got that mysterious refining pharmacists ah, but more importantly, to offend the mysterious refining pharmacists, they also offended Yun name white woman … ** ‘
But mind though reluctantly, but he also did not how to stop, he knew Xiao Li Xiao Yan everywhere

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丹雷, can I still need this demon puppet body 丹雷 grown too tall & quot;.’ Xiao Yan rolled his eyes, muttering loudly in the hearts,Tiffany Outlet Online, immediately waved palm, Quintana was a bright silver flash off the demon puppet is out, he looked at the Tang Zhen, light laugh:. ‘Tang Gu Zhu, this 丹雷 some effect on me, so please do not tell me they grab it & quot;’ on once a demon puppet, after the baptism 丹雷 undoubtedly enhance a lot, if it once again back, I am afraid the power will be improved, but this thing Xiao Yan gold thugs, can enhance its strength, that nature is the best.
see that suddenly appeared demon puppet, Tang Zhen also hesitated and immediately surprised eyes passing touch, shock channel: ‘? puppet’
Tang Zhen eyesight naturally able to demon puppet is a bottom line, this is Xiao Yan did not feel how unexpected, looked up at the sky that the JLIncreasingly rich dark clouds,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, and nodded.
‘Since rock owl friends insisted so small, it would be by a puppet on your right, what would be the situation if, then, is simply to say.’ We do not know why their puppet Xiao Yan has so confident, but Xiao Yan 丹雷 call out what he is naturally not a lot to say, but the former can help him put the fire out Bodhisattva Dan refining success,Tiffany And Co Outlet, already gave him a considerable kindness, this small,Tiffany Outlet, he is naturally not much to say.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, looked at the sky, immediately raised his hand to some weakness, whispered: ‘Go ○’ command sound just fallen, demon puppet feet suddenly severely Yiduo ground, stature, such as rocket-like pull rose into the sky, and soon was parked directly in the sky,Tiffany & Co Outlet, a few hundred feet at its head office, is that exudes rich Mines of heavy clouds.
actually be able to see the demon puppet is so strong as a bucket were vacant,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, surprised eyes of the

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substance, ah, it seems the old lady have to seriously some of the … ‘
mind passing this road idea, Wu Chen and his face is becoming increasingly serious, and that the red hand of the fire is getting bigger and bright, but at the same time, a surge like a fiery temper, but is slowly since its feet at the numbers.
‘For three thousand thunderous storms Court, the wife would have wanted to see something, and I want to see what is my Fenyan Valley Plough gravel powerful step or three thousand thunderous them even better!
Wu Chen Hey smile,Coach Outlet Store, glowing flame of the right foot, suddenly Yiduo ground!
a muffled sounds, hard piece of bluestone Wu Chen place to stay, is actually a direct life and burst open, and his stature,Coach Outlet Online, but also laugh is heard, the strange disappearance of place!
that disappeared in Wu Chen Yi Sha, dignified color Xiao Yan is more concentrated on the face, after a moment, feeling the hairs stood fierce, almost like a conditioned reflex, three thousand thunderous display directly to the extreme, one blur emerge ” ‘Notice! ‘
red silhouette with a muffled sound of the gas explosion,Coach Outlet, the two shaped like a tank-like, severely impact on that road shadow war, which directly and instantly crack.
a hit and empty, red silhouette Lima life and catch herself, immediately before it broke off direct a gas explosion, shattered on the ground to open a crack, but do not be this way gas explosion sound came out, fiery figure is severely Yiduo ground,Coach Outlet, the body, such as pulling up the sky like a rocket,Coach Outlet Store Online, the moment they get out in front of Xiao Yan now! ‘Good fast!’
looked death in the eyes would flash red shadow,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan face is changed, Wu Chen cast by fighting skillsThen three thousand thunderous be as good as flexible, but the impact is extreme and destructive terror